Nancy Hung

_MG_3661I am a rising senior at Presentation High School who has a passion for environmentalism, advocacy, and Microfinance. I am working with my mentor, Chris, on building the phylogeny of Procyonidae (raccoons and allies) and subsequently mapping bite force data with dietary variation. In my free time, I enjoy playing piano, playing badminton, and listening to podcasts. Potential majors for me are in the biological sciences, as I am interested in entering the pre-med track.

Elina Vanuska

ElinaVanuska Hi, my name is Elina Vanuska. I currently go to Notre Dame High School Belmont and will be a senior in the fall. I am working as a SIP intern with my mentor, Sarah Kienle, and I am looking at the diets of marine mammals, dolphins in specific. I am interested in pursuing some sort of biology major and would like to attend a 4 year university. Along with my interests in biology, I also swim, surf and play water polo, all of which I really enjoy.



O’Brian Santos