The Mehta Lab currently runs a summer internship designed for two UC Santa Cruz Cal Teach students, entitled “Introduction to Functional & Morphological Diversity.” This internship will cover function, structure, and diversity in animals, mainly vertebrates.

Cal Teach Program

The goal of Cal Teach is to increase the number and retention of new, highly qualified science and mathematics teachers in high-need California public schools. A sequence of three school-based K-12 internships and accompanying UCSC seminars are central to the Cal Teach program and are designed to foster undergraduates’ interest in and successful preparation for teaching careers. Cal Teach also provides academic and career advising, enrichment opportunities, and financial support for prospective and novice science or math teachers who have completed at least one Cal Teach internship.

UCSC’s Cal Teach program serves UCSC undergraduates and prospective transfer students from regional community colleges who are planning to complete an undergraduate major in science, mathematics, or engineering are eligible to participate. These students may begin their Cal Teach involvement any undergraduate year. Also, college graduates with academic or professional training in science, mathematics, or engineering may enroll through UCSC Extension.