Ben Higgins

BenHigginsDoctoral Student
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I am an ecomorphologist interested in the relationships between the ecology and evolution of marine fishes.  I earned my Master of Science degree while working with Dr. Mike Horn at California State University, Fullerton.  My master’s thesis focused on the jaw mechanics, dietary breadth, and feeding behavior of California grunion and their relatives.  I have spent over 6 years working at the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium as the Research Supervisor in the Aquatic Nursery, where I mentored students, designed and built custom aquaria and conducted aquaculture research projects.  As a new EEB doctoral student, I plan on studying the abundance and movement patterns of California moray eels inhabiting the waters of Santa Catalina Island.  My dissertation will also include aspects of functional morphology, as well as a public outreach component to share what we learn.