Hi. I’m Maddie. Maddie McNelis.

Maya McElfish is my officemate at UCSC and she’s the one writing my blurb here…because she is a true pal! We have similar last names and probably have overlapping ancestry.

I, Maddie McNelis, study MAMMALS. Specifically, I am interested in lactation, and the organs that make the magic of milk happen. My focal group are mustelids — long weasley things. Anyways. I hail from UC Berkley, where I did a lot of fun projects…some of which involved monkeys in the Amazon. (Maya, again who is writing my blurb, severely distrusts monkeys). I am in my second year at UCSC and am excited to see where my projects take me!

Here I am! Looking for monkeys.
Yikes. A monkey. — Wikicommons