Anna Wadhwa

AnnaWadhwaI am a rising junior at Mission San Jose High School, which (fun fact) isn’t in San Jose! I’m interested in almost all kinds of sciences, especially biology and chemistry, and so I participate in Science Olympiad and Science Bowl at MSJHS. Outside of school, I continue these interests by volunteering to coach middle schoolers in Science Olympiad and intern as a (soon-to-be!) teacher to elementary students to introduce them to STEM fields from a young age. I intend on pursuing a career as a doctor, specifically (and hopefully) a surgeon. Apart from the sciences, though, I’m also passionate about dancing, playing the piano, and reading. Over this summer, I worked with Chris Law to research the presence and extent of sexual dimorphism in river otters (Lontra canadensis) between sexes and subspecies using geometric morphometrics.

Shivani Sundaram

Shivani SundaramI am a rising senior from Monta Vista High School, but I’m going to De Anza College next year. This year, I’m working with my mentor Vikram to quantify the evolutionary convergence of kinematic behavior in cleaning fish. I am interested in biology and hope to go into a career in medicine, and I am currently interested in joining Doctors Without Borders. At school, I play basketball and am part of Red Cross, and outside of school, I enjoy reading, singing, dancing, playing the violin, and volunteering.

Ze’ev Bernstein

Ze'ev BernsteinI am a rising senior at Pacific Collegiate School. I am working with my mentor, Vikram, to quantify the evolutionary convergence of kinematic behavior in cleaner fish using phylogenetic comparative methods. I am interested in an array of subjects, particularly molecular and evolutionary biology, and plan on pursuing research or medicine in the future. At school, I captain the basketball team and have the privilege of helping my school’s community as a Student Government executive. I enjoy reading, playing the piano, volunteering with the Teen Kitchen Project, cooking, playing club soccer and AAU basketball, and golfing.